The MyConference Subconferencing feature allows the moderator(s) to host up to 9 additional subconferences outside of the main conference. After initiating a subconference, participants and moderators may actively move from one conference to another as needed. After the subconference portion of the call, the moderator can pull everyone back into the main conference and terminate the subconference. These subconferences are designed for many situations, including:

  • Training calls
  • Sidebar conversations among some conference participants
  • All hands meetings
  • Product rollouts
  • Informational meetings (breakout groups, seminars, etc.)

How to Use Subconferencing

Activating Subconferencing (Moderators)

  1. Enter your MyConference call by entering the moderator passcode
  2. Press *21 to active Subconferencing
  3. Press # and the subconference room number to enter (1-9)

Entering a Room (Participants)

  1. Enter the MyConference Call
  2. Moderator will instruct all participants on their assigned room
  3. Press # and the subconference room to enter (1-9)
  4. To move from one room to another, press # and the subconference room you wish to enter

Returning to Main Conference

  • Participants and moderators of a subconference can return to the main conference by pressing ## at any time.
  • Moderators can deactivate the Subconferencing feature and return all participants back to the main conference by pressing #0.

Please Note: MyConference Host Controls do not support this feature.