TSI offers a very easy to use presentation solution that can support an audience from just a few participants to thousands of attendees. We provide a single url for your live and on-demand events. As a Presenter, use your existing hardware. Initiate your webcast event with a webcam, telephone or use your video conference unit, digital encoder or broadcast studio. Attendees can join easily to view webcasts using nearly any device including: PCs, Android, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Need additional support – we’ve got that for you with professional support to assist you to plan each event; manage each event and post production support as well.

MyConference® Web

Enhance your meetings by adding our easy to use web conferencing solution. Use MyConference Web’s one click ease to join your meeting from most any smartphone, table or computer. Your guests will join download free and as the conference moderator use the web to enhance your audio conference with HD quality video; record your meetings with one click; avoid dialing conference numbers and passcodes – MyConference Web calls you when you are ready.

TSI offers MyConference Web and audio integration on a per use basis or by monthly subscription.


TSI has been offering WebEx since 2000 and has offered our customers WebEx on a per-minute of use basis or subscription basis since Cisco purchased WebEx in 2007. WebEx is a leader in web conferencing and TSI offers unparalleled support and audio integration.

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