Passcode Plus

Passcode Plus is our professional managed operator-assisted conference call service. Designed for calls with anywhere from 20 to 30,000 participants, it is ideal for bringing your sales force together for training, making important company-wide announcements and conducting product seminars. Passcode Plus combines the ease of automated access with the power of a dedicated operator who can start the call with a proper introduction and provide services throughout the call, including monitoring, Q&A and polling. A dedicated Event Manager will reserve and coordinate all requested services to create a frictionless experience from start to finish.

Passcode Plus Features:

  • Event Manager assists with setting up your event
  • Pre-conference session with speakers, presenters and dedicated conference operator
  • Participants join the call without waiting by entering a passcode
  • Speakers and presenters greeted by a conference operator
  • Talented operators start and close the conference with custom scripting
  • Identify participants with pin code registration system

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Operator Assist Plus

Our deluxe operator-assisted service features operators who gather any required information for a detailed participant list and place each caller promptly into the conference. Optional communications line attendant can manage call flow and quality and work with a line attendant on your end of the line to provide a method of quick communication between you and our operator staff without interfering with the conference call.

Optional Features:

  • Pre-conference call review with lead operator and speaker(s)
  • Professional announcement to begin the call and then turn call over to first speaker
  • Lead operator can professionally moderate Q&A session and polling during call and monitor audio quality
  • Post-conference review for lead operator and speakers and post-conference reports
  • Recording and playback options, and transcription/translation services

About Our Event Specialists

Our Event Services Specialists are experts in conference communications and our calling features. Work with them to determine which features will best fit your needs and create an effective event conference. Event Specialists provide service from beginning to end of your event. To reach an Event Services Specialist, call 1-877-692-6633 and press 3.

Pre-Conference Services

  • Conference reminder
  • RSVP services
  • Deluxe confirmation
  • Preconference for speakers
  • Music on hold
  • Communication line

Conference Services

  • Listen only mode/full-time monitoring
  • Conference security
  • Electronic question and answer
  • Electronic voting and polling
  • Recording
  • Customized scripting

Post-Conference Services

  • Participant list
  • Time and charges
  • Transcription
  • Digital tape replay
  • Voice capture

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