It seems the whole world is talking about and trying Zoom conferencing to conduct web-based meetings. I know that I’ve been invited onto Zoom meetings for friends of mine to catch up and for my extended family to gather during this time of social distancing. I think it works well and is ideally suited for those purposes (if you use a password). The jury is still out however when it comes to Zoom being a proper candidate for business communications and remote learning. There have been highly reported concerns world-wide about security. Zoom is reportedly being investigated by state governments and some jurisdictions and companies have outright banned the use of this service.

In the Washington Post article cited above offers this: “For example, University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs reported an intrusion of a student government meeting by someone who displayed racist messages, swastikas, pornography and death threats.”

And we want to emphasize that enterprise level security is foremost on our minds as we operate our business. A few things to keep in mind:

Our conferencing services undergo an annual SOC-2 Type 2 audit which adheres to security, privacy and confidentiality criteria.

We never sell any customer data – ever. And we don’t use it for any purpose other than to serve our customers.

Conclusions: We highly encourage any of our customers that may be interested in our services or any competitor’s service to conduct their own due diligence and to thoroughly vet the service to make sure that it meets your security criteria. If your user’s meetings may include sensitive information; corporate strategies or other information that you can’t risk having exposed, be sure to select a service that’s been fully vetted.