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How to Use Record and Playback

How to Use MyConference Recording To start the recording, the moderator will press *22 and will hear the following prompt: “Conference recording has started. Just a reminder today’s conference is being recorded.” Participants will also [...]

How to Use Record and Playback2015-10-21T13:42:30+00:00

How to Use Conference Introduction

To activate the Conference Introduction, the moderator can press *32. Because this is a moderator feature, the user will need to be “in the conference” using the moderator passcode. After activating the feature, moderators will [...]

How to Use Conference Introduction2015-10-21T13:35:55+00:00

How to Use Subconferencing (*21)

The MyConference Subconferencing feature allows the moderator(s) to host up to 9 additional subconferences outside of the main conference. After initiating a subconference, participants and moderators may actively move from one conference to another as [...]

How to Use Subconferencing (*21)2015-10-21T13:36:04+00:00

How to Use MyConference Secure Access

MyConference Secure Access is designed to ensure that uninvited participants cannot join a call. When you enable this feature, the moderator is prompted to enter a conference-specific security code at the beginning of each call, [...]

How to Use MyConference Secure Access2015-10-21T13:41:57+00:00

How to Use MyConference Controls

The MyConference Controls are easy-to-use tools you can use during the call to assist participants in contributing on the call, as well as aiding the moderator in managing the call effectively. Conference Shortcuts Press *0 [...]

How to Use MyConference Controls2015-08-24T13:34:02+00:00