Our Global MyConference service gives you an always-ready conference number to use without the need to contact us to reserve a conference call, while the best and most personalized service in the industry is ready when you need it—before, during and after your call, 24/7.

Before the Call

Work with a dedicated support team to identify your individual needs and goals. This team is available to answer questions, offer advice and provide personalized focus and attention. And when you first set up a reservation or even make an inquiry about a reservation, our reservations team gets to work creating a customized experience. They set the parameters for the call, and prepare all the personnel and technical requirements.

During the Call

Services include conducting a pre-conference with speakers to review final details for the call; verifying and admitting callers into the conference; managing recordings; professionally announcing the start of the call and setting up the first speaker; managing polling and/or Q&A sessions; and monitoring and enhancing sound quality. Get real-time feedback with a direct link to our communications line attendants without interrupting the live conference call.

After the Call

Our operators can provide a customized message to indicate the conclusion of the call, and can continue into a post-conference review session with the host and other speakers to go over details of the call and discuss any adjustments to enhance future calls. Afterward, our teams provide services including participant lists, recordings, transcriptions, and even translations.