With a relentless desire to serve each and every customer’s every need, any time, we have become the leading conferencing provider to the world’s largest and most influential law firms and financial institutions. We are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your success.

Global Capabilities

Teleconferencing Services has more than 800 representatives providing audio, video and web conferencing with state-of-the-art conference bridge technology. Operations centers in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia provide elite conferencing services around the globe. Not only do we have over 100,000-port capacity, but the network and bridge capacity is managed to never exceed 80 percent total capacity at peak hours, and can support a single conference call with more than 3,000 individual port connections.

Reliable Service

No matter what, Teleconferencing Services will be there to handle your needs. Our relationships with multiple leading international carriers prevent exposure to any single provider’s network. All carrier services are provided on fiber networks with dual facility entrances and sonic ring architecture, and access to the carriers is provided via multiple fiber routes with several building entrances. High levels of redundancy help to avoid failure in any part of our network, and our systems are designed to prevent surges or disruptions. And in the event of a national disaster, we maintain two conference centers in the United States that are capable of providing all of our conferencing services, with support groups for reservations, customer support and technical controls.

Known for our technology. Chosen for our service!